Proven for some billion years: meet our archaea

Archaea are among the oldest living things on our planet. They live on gas from the Earth’s interior and optimized their metabolism in the course of evolution. Archaea consume exactly the molecules they need, regardless of the gas composition. Even if the source has dried up for years, their metabolism starts up again as soon as the smallest amounts of gas escape.

Benefit from these evolution-proven processes:

• Robust and stable against gas impurities
• Highly dynamic and very efficient consumption of volatile gas quantities.

Efficient and cost effective thanks to an adapted mix of cultures

Our treasure is a unique collection of more than 70 natural archaeal strains. With our expertise, we can adapt a natural mix of archaea cultures to almost any site condition. They even process highly contaminated gases, for example from sewage sludge gasification.

This is how we ensure efficiency and cost effectiveness for our customers:

•  We select a suitable mix of archaea cultures for your specific input material.
• That way the archaea “live” on your sludge alone and do not require additional nutrients.

All in all, we can process almost any organic waste material, including those which would normally go to a landfill.


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