Entirely green: stable biology and sound plant technology

At MicroPyros, we rely on biological methanation using natural microorganisms. These do not require or consume additional chemicals, nor do they create any pollution. Thus, we provide an entirely green technology to our customers.

Our microorganisms work at comparatively low temperatures and pressures. They are robust with respect to gas quality and volatile gas volumes. All this results in lower overall process requirements for our customers.

Thanks to its high dynamic and efficiency, biomethanation is an ideal match to fluctuating hydrogen quantities produced from surplus renewable electricity.

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More than 80 years of expertise in the gas industry

As part of the global gas specialists Pietro Fiorentini group, we involve plant engineering expertise from the very start of a project. This way we ensure that your plant meets industrial standards and operates with the highest efficiency and operational reliability.


Beyond methanation
We bring your green gas to the grid

Together with our partner network, we can take care of the entire project chain starting from methanation all the way to the grid injection or liquefaction.

We make sure that your project fulfills all requirements for grid injection. Our experts are involved from the very beginning and take care of such things as gas quality, metering, treatment, compression and eventually odorization.


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