We are a proud part of an integrated ecosystem

Bundling the power of complementary competences – this is the big idea of our partnering network. As part of the Pietro Fiorentini Group, we add our technologies of biomethanation to the decades of experience of a global player in engineering, plant fabrication and plant construction.

Especially Pietro Fiorentini’s strong position in the natural gas industry, combined with a steady movement towards renewable gas technologies, makes us the one-stop partner regarding top-notch PtG plants and other biological methanation solutions.

A holistic approach

Pietro Fiorentini is a global player whose expertise ranges from the natural gas supply chain to technologies for a sustainable, digital world, particularly focusing on renewable energy. Pietro Fiorentini plays a key role as a system integrator to provide turnkey solutions, upgrading and manufacturing of biomethanation plants.

Biological methanation and P2G solutions

Hydrogen production and electrolytic stacks

Specialized compressor solutions

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