Biological methanation from A to Z 

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What can you expect from MicroPyros? A strong portfolio of feasibility studies, methanation plants and biological services. All along the complete value chain of biomethanation, and all for the goal of an energy transition that really works. Effective, efficient, and available virtually everywhere in the world.

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The services you can expect range from initial concept checks and feasibility studies to biological development and logistical planning, and continue past commissioning to biological services to operate at optimized conditions.

Concept check

Feasibility studies

Biological development

Logistical planning


Biological services

… and our partners

Even better for you, we provide the complete solution. Together with our partners, we supply the technology and realize custom plant solutions to handle your specific challenges. We are always at your side.


Plant fabrication

On-site delivery

Plant installation

Training operating crew

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