Groundbreaking Ceremony for Groundbreaking Research

Official groundbreaking event of MicroPyros’ new biomethanation research plant.

On the 28th of July, MicroPyros, Pietro Fiorentini S.p.A., SER (Straubinger Entwässerung und Reinigung), and officials from the city of Straubing came together for the groundbreaking ceremony of MicroPyros’ new Research Biological Methanation Plant. This plant will be dedicated to unlocking the full potential of the biological methanation process. It will test reactor and component designs, different input gases, and much more! By further understanding and developing the biological methanation process, we can double the total biomethane production of biogas and syngas. This renewable gas can replace fossil natural gas thus offsetting CO2 emissions and securing energy production.

Pictured from left to right are MicroPyros Founder and Operations Manager Herbert Huber, Lord Mayor of the City of Straubing Markus Pannermayr, Mayor Werner Schäfer, Wastewater Treatment Plant of Straubing Manager Cristina Pop, MicroPyros Managing Director Gianfranco De Feo, Member of the Bavarian Parliament Josef Zellmeier, and Mayor Albert Solleder.