We power the global energy transition by putting biology to work


We help to reduce your CO2 emissions by turning them into green gas now


We turn organic waste into clean and green energy, applying robust and evolution-proven biology


We enable the storage of wind and solar energy with uniquely flexible biology

Tackling the challenges of the climate crisis

with biomethanation, powered by archaea

Now is the time to act. We must cut CO2 emissions in the heat, industry and mobility sectors urgently. However, the challenges on the way to clean and green energy are manifold. Here at MicroPyros BioEnerTec, we have long since started to rise to these challenges with the production of renewable, climate-neutral gas. Namely with biological methanation. In fact, we pioneered the power of archaea, and we piloted the world’s first biomethanation reactor. Today, with our second to none collection of archaea and as part of the Pietro Fiorentini Group, we are among the drivers of microbiological Power-to-Gas solutions for the global energy transition.


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Do you have to cope with a rising demand for renawable natural gas? Do you want to turn organic waste into renewable energy instead of landfilling it? Are you in search of a really robust and large-scale process for decarbonization? Are you looking for an effective, grid-balancing storage of solar power or wind energy? Get in touch with us and let us find out how we can help!

Benefit from biological methanation and our long-term expertise

Renewable natural gas, directly available in local energy grids, or efficiently stored, this is what biomethanation is about. Our natural microorganisms, the archaea, allow for highly robust processes and great flexibility. In addition to that, you profit from our long-term expertise in process-planning and engineering, making the operation perform worldwide, perfectly matching with practically any local substrate.

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Working with us means you can pick from and rely on a well-sorted bundle of studies, plant construction competences and biological services. We offer the complete package, from an initial concept check to feasibility studies, from biological development to commissioning and biological services. And of course, our expert partners build and install your plant, training of your crew included!

Yesterday’s microorganisms,
working for tomorrow

For the work in our bioreactors, we have employed experts from nature: our archaea. These primordial microorganisms produce non-fossil gas and renewable energy. Not only are they extremely efficient, but also really robust. Thus, stable and environmentally friendly processes are guaranteed.


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Power-to-Gas process

In years of pioneering work and microbiological process engineering, we have provided evidence that biomethanation works on an industrial scale. Power-to-Gas or P2G is one key to a successful energy transition. From biomass to natural gas, from a wind power surplus to climate-neutral mobility or heating services, and throughout. See for yourself!

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